Skin cancer treatment

Skin cancer treatment

More and more people are diagnosed with skin cancer. An early skin cancer detection gives greater chances to save a patient’s life. That is why skin cancer tests should be carried out each year or at once if any unusual symptoms were noticed. There are several ways to find out if a patient has a skin cancer:

  • laboratory tests,
  • skin cancer biopsy,
  • siascopy,
  • morphological studies on skin cancer.

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After an illness is diagnosed doctor determines the skin cancer treatment.
How to cure skin cancer?

  • medical treatment,
  • criodestruction,
  • laser destruction,
  • photodynamic therapy,
  • radiation therapy,
  • skin cancer surgery,
  • combination of several methods.

Criodestruction – a procedure of a treating skin cancer. During the procedure low temperature liquid nitrogen is used. The procedure allows to remove benign skin lesions, such as warts, papilloma or tumors of epithelial origin.
Medical treatment – prescription of most effective medications in order to treat a skin cancer.
Laser destruction – skin cancer treatment using a laser.
Photodynamic therapy – during the procedure a substance sensitive to a light is applied on a skin lesion and after 3-6 hours the area is enlightened with special rays.
Skin cancer surgery – depending on a size of a tumor, its anatomic area and the origin of a lesion a surgery volume is determined. Usually a local anaesthesia is chosen.
Radiation therapy – one of a complex skin cancer cure methods applied to a quarter of patients.
It depends on a skin cancer stage, how a skin cancer is treated. Early detection malign tumors is helpful in treating skin cancer, skin lesions can be removed without great consequences. Therefore, it is a must to have moles or other lesions checked once in a while.