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Redness of the skin

Redness of the skin

One of the most common reasons for facial skin redness is a condition, called rosacea. Read all description about this illness and find out the best treatment methods as well as our doctor advice.

What causes skin to be red?

Skin redness can be a sign of embarrassment or cold. In other cases, long – lasting skin redness could also be a symptom of a dermatological condition, called rosacea.

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition, which mostly affects adults. It usually strikes when individual is in his thirties or older. The disease more often appears on light - skinned individuals, but can affect all races. Women are affected by rosacea more frequently than men. In some cases rosacea (especially rhinophymatous form of it) is associated with alcohol abuse. Nevertheless, it is not always the case. Genetics can play a huge role in rosacea etiology.

Rosacea symptoms include the following:

• Redness of the facial skin;

• Irritation of the eyes;

• Facial edema;

• Burning sensation of affected area;

• Itching;

• Thicker skin in the affected area;

• Telangiectasias;

• Inflammatory papules.

Rosacea mostly attacks the nose area, cheeks, chin and forehead. The condition must be differentiated from acne – another disease that causes red skin rash. The absence of comedones helps to separate rosacea from acne.


Skin redness treatment

Rosacea cannot be completely cured, but there are products for redness relief. For example, cream for redness with azelaic acid can improve the appearance of facial skin, affected by rosacea. Cream with the acid should be applied on the skin twice a day. One study shows that 20 % azelaic acid cream is more effective than treatment with topical antimicrobial drug metronidazole.

Life changes are also important. While alcohol abuse can cause rosacea, reducing consumption of alcoholic beverages improves the condition. Limiting the time spent in the direct sunlight can also reduce redness on face. Another method, which helps to reduce skin redness, is the laser treatment. Flash light pumped dye laser gives good reduction of telangiectasias and overall appearance of the patient. Intense pulsed light laser treatment is also used in order to improve the condition and may give very satisfying results. Antibiotics are also used as

Antibiotics are also used as treatment for red skin. Usually topical antibiotics are preferred; though oral antibiotics can also give similar results.Topical antibiotics, used for rosacea treatment most often, are clindamycin and erythromycin. The major oral antibiotics used to improve the condition belong to tetracyclines group. Topical therapy may be combined with systemic antibiotic treatment when reducing redness on face. Metronidazole is an antimicrobial drug, which can also reduce redness on

Metronidazole is an antimicrobial drug, which can also reduce redness on skin. For rosacea treatment the drug is used in the form of gel. The gel with the drug suppresses inflammation. When using the drug the patient should not stay in the sunlight or use UV lamps. The drug should not be used for long time periods.

In order to get best products for facial skin redness you should consult with a doctor dermatologist. The treatment depends on the severity of the condition.