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Herper zoster infection or Shingles

Herper zoster infection or Shingles

Has it been a few weeks or months since you suffer from the itchy skin? Do not ignore the symptoms, since it can become more serious than you could imagine.

Herpes zoster is a rash caused by a virus Varicella zoster. After having a chickenpox in childhood virus remains to live inside the spinal ganglia. When the immunity system weakens (after getting a cold, having chronic or oncological diseases, getting too much ultraviolet rays, consuming certain medicine or in elder age) virus ''wakes up'' and rashes appear. 

The disease comes out to 10-20% of people, the probability to fall ill increases while aging.

Rashes usually appear on one side depending on nerve inervation location (dermatomes). Before a break out of rashes a patient may get a sensation of itching or burning, little blisters appear afterwards. Patient feels rather pain than itching. Little scabs form after a few days and fall off after 2-3 weeks. Instead of them post-inflammatory dark hyperpigmentation may remain for a few weeks. There is a probability of post-herpetic neuralgia's appearance for some people. It causes pain in the location of former rashes and may proceed for up to 30 days. Pain may endure for months.

Diagnostics of the disease:

Blisters on one body side, a heavy neuralgic pain.

Recommendations for treatment:

  1. Antiviral drugs are taken orally. Treatment usually has an effect when started during the first 48 hours from the rash outburst, latest - up to 72 hours. It is necessary to prescribe the treatment in 72 hours especially in those cases when the Herper Zoster form has spread or after immunity system's worsening ( AIDS, organ transplantation, having problems with lymphs or having cancer), also having an internal organ damage. Antiviral lubricants may be ineffective.

  2. Avoidance of infection – it is adviseble to have a shower everyday, not to rub/ scratch rashes, disinfect the damaged area.

  3. Pain reduction – in case of painful rashes, cold compresses and painkillers should be used.

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