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Flaking skin

Flaking skin

Flaking skin is a frequently appearing skin condition, manifesting in scaling of stratum corneum cells. Flaky skin is an intractable and a long-term disease. Skin plates fall down on clothes and makes a patient feel emotionally and socially uncomfortable, although skin flaking is not dangerous to human’s life and not heritable.

By avoiding any treatment skin is infringed and secondary bacterial or fungal infections may develop. However, flaking can be controled and sometimes an everyday hair wash using an anti-dandruff shampoo is enough to stop the skin from flaking.

Scaling skin causes:

  • dry skin (dry skin causes smaller scaling skin plates to appear comparing to dandruff from other reasons; dry flaking skin manifests on hands, legs and not only scalp);
  • irritated or oily skin (seborrheic dermatitis disturbs not only the scalp but the whole body skin in areas abundant with sebaceous glands - eyebrows, nose wings, bust, groins, armpits - the disease manifests with reddish, oily skin with yellowish dandruff);
  • insufficiantly frequent hair wash (irregular hair wash causes accumulation of fats and skin cells on the scalp, which causes the formation of dandruff);
  • psoriasis (the disease that causes the accumulation of the dead skin cells, skin plates reminding scales are formed);
  • atopic dermatitis (rashes can appear on the scalp skin which promotes the flaking skin); sensitivity to cosmetics;
  • an increases sensitivity to fungal infections; skin type, hormonal changes, stress.

Dry skin lacks water. It is dried by various external environment factors, which include low relative humidity, strong winds, cold, heat, ultraviolet rays. Inappropriate skin care plays its part as well (a frequent skin wash using soaps, contact with skin irritators: chemical materials, washing powder, dish washing materials, smoke. Very often, even a normal skin having people suffer from its dryness during the cold season period. Dryness manifests in scaling skin, peeling, itchiness, appearance of small sores. Dry skin can be characterized as an inelastic, rough one. It itches and flakes.

Not a secret that the most visible body part is the face.What should be done in order to avoid flaking skin on face?

Flaking skin on face treatment does not differ from dry flaking body skin treatment, although the facial skin is much more sensitive. First of all, the dry skin becomes sensitive and may be even painful. If a person does not pay attention to the skin dryness, it can start cracking, even bleed sometimes. Very dry and flaky skin on face shows that it is time to take a good care of your skin. There is not a one answer to the question „how to get rid of flaky skin?“, multiple actions should be taken.

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A paradox but water (and steam) dries the skin. How to get rid of flaky skin on face fast?

  • no hot shower. Hot water creating this cozy steam cloud sounds very nice but dries skin. It is adviceable to choose warm water and if you get the procedure done in 5-10 mins, your skin will be thankfull a long time after that. Use moisturizing cream at once after the shower till the skin is still a bit wet.
  • choose micellar water for cleansing, which is not going to irritate the skin. Do not forget to tone up the facial skin. use only creams of high quality for dry skin.
  • do not forget the SPF protection. Sun is the enemy of your skin - dries it, destroy its structure, ages it sooner that usually.
  • day cream is not enough, it is adviceable to use the night cream as well, in order to get skin moisturized as more as possible.

If skin got dry suddenly and sores appeared, it is highly recommended to visit a dermatologist - probably a serious flaking skin treatment is necessary. Such a skin condition may inform about a serious scaling skin disease.