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The majority of our patients would like for a doctor’s appointment to be scheduled quickly, get a clear answer and be surrounded with sincere attention. Probably You wish for the same thing!

After evaluating our long-term communication with patients experience and taken the technology advance into consideration, we are suggesting a different type of consultation.

We represent You an Online dermatologist consultation!

As during the time of a usual consultation, so during the time of an online one you are going to directly communicate with a doctor, only not inside his office but with a help of a computer. The additional advantage of such a consultation is that the doctor will get familiar with your complains and changes in skin already before the talk ( as You are going to submit the data in questionnaire). In difficult cases it gives an opportunity for a more accurate conclusion to follow.

We offer various consultation types that are listed depending on the difficulty of consultation. You may know more about different types of consultation by entering here.

Sign up once and later use the same data in order to log in and get a consultation anywhere, where the internet connection is accessible! If you like and support what we do, please, “like” us on Facebook by pressing an icon below.

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