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Fill in the information

In this stage you will be asked to describe the symptoms as precise as possible. The questions will be given as it follows:
The date of birth
Take three photos of problemic skin (tumors, etc.) and attach them.
What complaints do you have, what changes worries you? Please, tell us in detail (e.g. is it a skin rash, pain, itch, skin tumor or some other representations)
When did the changes appear (what did it started from, how it looked like, the further development process). For example, if that is a rash - where and when it shown up, what skin areas are infringed, does it spread (describe the spread according to chronological order). If that is a tumor - is it new or appeared in childhood, when did it started changing, what are the changes, what did provoke it and etc.
Are there any symptoms? If yes, what kind of symptoms (e.g. it itches, burns, is irritated, hurts, fever).
Please, evaluate the severeness in a 10-points system (0 - you feel nothing, 10 - you cannot suffer anymore).
Has the treatment for the disease been prescribed before? If yes, what medicine was prescribed? Have you felt any effect and what kind of an effect was it?
What diseases were diagnosed earlier and what diseases are you ill right now (as skin diseases, so internal diseases and chronic diseases, like diabetes and other)?
Does any of family members have same kind of complaints?
Do you consume any kind of medicine or food supplements?
Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction to medicine?
Are you allergic to anything?
The more precise the answer will be, the firmer the diagnosis will follow. Invest some time into your own health!