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Birth marks

Birth marks

Birth marks may appear from the day a person is born, although some of the types may appear during the first years. The size may be diverse – from a few-milimeter ones to giant ones.


Birth marks may be flat, spot-type, risen above the skin, have a shape of a node. Thay may have a color of the skin or be brown of various shades. In some rare cases birth marks may be blue or red.

Also, a separate group of moles consists of atypical (dysplastic) ones. Atypical moles are the ones to become malignant and are assigned to the premalignant condition. The boundary between atypical mole and the early stage melanoma is fragile. That is why such moles are removed only by using histology. Dermatologists warn that one of the main reasons of the mole change is a constant being in the sun. For this reason it is very important to use skin protection creams. It should also be noticed that such creams are not only required to have an UVA protection but UVB as well. SPF should not be lower than 20.

Signs that may be helpful to identify a dangerous mole:

A – asymmetry,

B – rough edges,

C – changes in color,

D – diameter greater than 5mm.

Things to take in mind: It is advisable to check your body skin with the help of a mirror regularly. Pay attention to mole changes in asymmetry, edges, diameter and size. You should also make sure if there are not any new, quickly growing tumors. If you notice any mole changes or signs listed above, do not hesitate to seek for dermatologist's advice.

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