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Benign skin tumors

Benign skin tumors

Mostly, the biggest part of skin lesions are benign, however, not always we can keep calm and think that everything will be fine. In order to find out if it's benign or malignant you must visit a doctor or at least read our advices.

Signs of benign skin tumors:

Such tumors have clear clinical features, there is no growth noticed or it is very slow. Clinical signs of such tumors are easily recognizable for an experienced dermatologist and do not cause difficulties to identify diagnosis. In a very rare cases cytologic or hystologic tests may be ran in order to confirm the diagnosis.

During the consultation it will turn out whether the tumor needs to be removed. Every benign tumor requires different method of removal. Some of them may be removed by laser, the other ones require surgery. In some cases, if there are no medical indications, patient is allowed not to remove moles. Although, with a patient's request ( for example, a case of discomfort or aesthetic reasons) doctor will recommend the most suitable method of removal.

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