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Baby eczema

Baby eczema

Infantile eczema can be very well managed. Many children just outgrow it in their kindergarten years. Eczema in babies manifests as an itchy, irritated rash. It affects 10-15% of children and usually appears on baby’s cheeks, arms and legs. Excessive skin dryness is one of the factors that contributes to the development of this disease. Dry skin lacks ceramides, certain waxy lipid molecules that create protective skin barrier.

Baby eczema, or so- called atopic dermatitis, can be inherited from both parents. Common symptoms include dry, itchy red cracked skin, which can sometimes bleed. There is no single treatment method for the condition, but it is successfully managed by using several methods.

To treat baby eczema, you need to reduce skin dryness and inflammation. Baby eczema cream can aid in it.  The cream must provide enough moisture and soothe the skin. As mentioned above, dry skin is one of the main causes of atopic dermatitis breakouts.

It is important to consult a dermatologist on how to treat baby eczema and what causes baby eczema. He will determine triggering factors and advise on how to avoid them. Some of these triggers are stress, various irritating substances, allergens and excessive sweating. Moisturizers that include ceramides is a good treatment option for baby eczema. Ceramides are molecules that create a lipid barrier, which protects our skin from harmful external factors.

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There are also some home remedies for baby eczema. One of them is coconut oil. It helps to sooth symptoms of this condition. Another one is baking soda, which could be added to infant’s bath. Calendula is also useful in alleviating itch.